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PexPeppers KillerSWARM

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Have you ever swallowed an entire swarm of killer bees? With PexPeppers KillerSWARM you’ll swear you just did! KillerSWARM is made with Red 7 pot Chiles along with a smattering of Colorado wildflower honey and lime juice. This sauce is HOT, Floral, and Sweet. Goes great with any food! This tastes like summer in a bottle, you don’t want to miss it. Use VERY Sparingly. PexPeppers is not liable for misuse of this hot sauce. Please refrigerate after opening.

Product Info

Heat Level

8.5 oz bottle

Red 7 Pot Mash (Red 7 Pot Chiles, Vinegar), Vinegar, Wildflower Honey, Lime Juice