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About Us

Simply Texas Gourmet Foods was born in 1996 and has become an institution in our little place in Texas - Old Town Spring. We started life as a funky little hot sauce shop called Dave's Pepper Palace - the labor of love of Mr. Dave Clancy. After his untimely passing in 2003, the Potter Family purchased the store to keep the dream alive and maintain their source for hot sauce! 

Four years ago we relocated the shop from it's original location on Keith Street and moved into our new place right on the main drag - at 219 Main Street..moving on up indeed. Our new location offered more foot traffic but more importantly it had a licensed kitchen. 

Both Jay and Matt have always been the cooks in the family...especially when it comes to the meats. Smoked or grilled - it's our happy place. We've decided to take our passion to the public with our select line of gourmet, hand blended rubs and spices. We've spent lots of time and care with these products - they represent two lifetimes of cooking experience and we're proud to put our name on them. 

So come on by when you're in Spring...taste some of these rubs - we think you'll love them just like we do. And if you're feeling brave, we've got our famous hot sauce sample cooler going at full speed!