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Adoboloco Hamajang Kiawe Smoked Ghost Pepper

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TThe unique blend of smoked Ghost Pepper and fiery Habanero in this sauce provides a truly intense level of heat and flavor. It is perfect for adding an extra kick to your meal, but do be cautious - this sauce packs a powerful punch. Featured on YouTube's Hot Ones Series, Season 5.

"HAMAJANG" in Pidgin English means "messed up". This Kiawe-smoked sauce is made with fresh Ghost Peppers and Habaneros, delivering not only intense flavor but also a strong, slow-building heat that can catch some people off guard. For best results, approach with caution and savor the delicious flavors and heat on hearty meals, grilled meats, eggs, vegetables, tacos, burritos, and pretty much any dish that needs some serious spicing up.

Made in small batches on a family farm in Hawaii

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5 oz woozie

apple cider vinegar, ghost peppers + habanero, sea salt, garlic.